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By Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D

June 10, 2008

Americans are possessed with ennui and malaise, and worst of all, fears. Perhaps these conditions explain the rash of suicides, the campus murders, the weariness, the failure to act on others’ behalf, the inertia and apathy, and the near lack of humanism.

The Inner Circle, the Elitists, the Powers—any name you want to call them—plan and organize behind closed doors to bring about their global governance, or the New World Order (NWO) or one-world government. To do this, they must push every country to its knees so that the citizenry cannot fight back. America appears to be the last stronghold for them to conquer, and at that, we are already weakened. They employ a slate of techniques to establish the NWO, but behind each of these methods is one basic practice: To instill fear in the masses so that we will rely on the government for safety and protection, and thus yield our rights and freedoms in the process. Below are some of the major means for the Illuminati to achieve their goal, but don’t mistake a rose for a rose and attribute everything to them:

1. Harassment:… 2. Population Control:… 3. Contamination:… 4. Detainment Camps… 5. Moral Corruption:… 6. Diversity:… 7. Racial Dissention:… 8. Removal of God:… 9. Ecumenism:… 10. Remiss Authority Figures:… 11. Failing Educational System:… 12. Sexual Perversion:… 13. Drugs/Alcohol:… 14. Gambling:… 15. Chaos:… 16. Cover-ups:… 17. Environment:… 18. Destroying the Workforce:… 19. Crimes:… 20. Terrorism:… 21. Slavery and Prostitution:… 22. Genocide:… 23. Decision Makers:… 24. Diseases:… 25. Computerization/ Technology:… 26. UFOs:… 27. Economy:… 28. Feminism and Working Mothers:… 29. UN:… 30. Confiscation of Rights:… 31. Secret societies:… 32. Mind Control:… 33. Media Mergers:… 34. Corrupt Government:… 35. Lack of Missile Defense:… 36. Decline of Military: 37. Passing of EOs:  38. Infiltration: 39. Regional Government:… 40. Created or Contrived Crises:………

© 2008 Gianni Hayes - All Rights Reserved

Dr. Gianni DeVincent Hayes is an internationally recognized author of 14 royalty-published books ( and and over 100 articles and short stories in highly circulated and commercial newspapers and magazines, such as PARADE, US, PEOPLE, REDBOOK, WOMAN'S DAY, MOODY, and many others. One of her novels, "22 Friar Street," had been under a movie option, and her novel and screenplay on cloning, "Thy Brothers' Reaper," also had been optioned by a production company. "Jacob's Demon" is her newest novel on the Apocalypse. She also owns American Drug Testing Consultants which sells drug and alcohol test kits and does workforce testing,

She's completing a full-length book on substance abuse as well as one on conspiracies, symbols, and secret societies in all aspects of our lives. See to learn about her religious/patriotic stance. Her writing service website is She has her own radio show, "New World Order Disorder," on, Wednesdays, from 8:00pm-10:00pm, EST, which is heard worldwide. Contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Hayes has a doctorate in writing/comparative literature /humanities, with a focus on eschatology (Bible prophecy and politics); her bachelor degree and first and second master's degrees are in biology/chemistry and education. Certification has been achieved at several universities, such as the University of Rochester, University of Pittsburgh, and Middlebury College's Breadloaf. She speaks worldwide and has appeared on dozens of national radio and TV shows.

Book her for speaking engagements.

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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